Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Windows Live Mail "Message is no longer available on the server" Error

So you open up Windows Live Mail and it has been working no problem for you, until, you are greeted with a message "Message is no longer available on the server" that gives you no solutions to the problem.

As you are here, I assume you used a search engine to find this helpful article.

The fix is very simple and easy with no fear of losing any emails you may have particularly the important ones you may have providing you are using IMAP as a protocol . If you are using POP then be sure to check that your settings are set to leave messages on the server until deleted from your trash folder.

1) Open up Windows Live Mail

2) Wait for everything to sync with servers etc.

3) Right click on the inbox button of the troubled account and select properties

4) Select the "Local File" tab and then click the "Delete" option (This is only deleting local copies of your emails and will then after download all your messages once again fresh)

I hope you find this a great help and please feel free to leave a comment which I will answer ASAP should you feel concerned or nervous about doing anything in this quick tip.

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