Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Google Ad Manager: A New Tool that will Improve Revenue

A few days ago, Google launched a new tool called Google Ad Manager to help website publishers manage their direct ads selling more effective.

If you run a content based website or blog, probably your main source of online revenue will depend on selling ads directly to advertisers . Selling ads directly to advertisers does involve management work and sale process and when your ad space were fully sold out, some advertisers may request to reserve an ad space for them if there is an ad space becomes available in future. If you do all the things manually, it will be time consuming and can easily make a mistake. The Google Ad Manager is seem to be created specifically for helping you solve these problems.

It will help manage your direct ads selling more easier and effective; and most importantly provide fast service to your advertisers. The tool is right for you if you want to consistently make money online by selling ads.

Google Ad Manager

And the good news is, Google Ad Manager isn't just restricted to Google Adsense network only. You can choose to use any ad network you like.

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