Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Free MySpace Layouts

ObsceneCaffeine.com MySpace layouts are very nice looking and pretty professional to be honest, there are plenty to choose from and there are tons of things such as images, graphics, generators, tweaks and plenty more.

There is certainly hours worth of browsing on the site which also ensures that the layout you choose will be relatively unique.

The great thing about these layouts also is thatthey do not come with lots of spam in them, I have found in the past many MySpace layouts I have used have come with lots of annoying pop-ups and such which you will not find here.

All the layouts are free so what is the harm in simply giving them a try and seeing what you think, MySpace is great for allowing people to make up a unique page about themselves and I think it would be criminal not to compliment your profile with a great theme.

If you don't find anything that you fancy then there is something even cooler, the generator which will generate a code for you after you customize a layout of your own which really will give your profile the edge over others as it will be unique because you designed it yourself.

Anyway there are tons of things to check out over at ObsceneCaffeine.com so go and have some fun.

MySpace Layouts

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